Pretty Woman Pretty Woman tells a story of a sex worker in Hollywood, played by Julia Roberts.

Malcolm X 1992 biopic, starring Denzel Washington, is a dramatic retelling of the activist's life about contributions to Black liberation in the '60s.

The Craft 1996 supernatural horror film, It tells a compelling story of teenage girls coming into their own.

The Blair Witch Project The Blair Witch Project that first brought the horror genre to the mainstream in 1997.

The First Wives Club 1996 female-led buddy comedy of three former college friends as they reunite after their friend's passing. and then the revenge starts...

Se7en A 1995 film Se7en is must watch crime thriller starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as homicide detectives. 

Clueless This film Introduced The World To Brittany Murphy. Clueless follows the '90s trend of retelling classic stories in a modern light. 

Set It Off The heist thriller Set It Off is always get attention for its complex characters and fresh take on the crime genre.