Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern, How often is breast asymmetry cancer, Does breast asymmetry indicate cancer?

Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern: Breasts of two different size make girls worry and they struggle with questions like, “Is it just me?” “Do I have cancer?” Many things come in mind of girls when it comes on Breast size.

Experts says that Breast asymmetry is natural and occurs in majority of girls.

Asymmetry in the breasts is usually not a cause for worry to any girl.

if you notice any unexpected changes in your breast, you should be consulted to a doctor.

different breast size does not necessitate medical treatment.

Unequal breast size has no impact on the risk of breast cancer.

Uneven breast sizes can be treated in three ways, 1- breast reduction 2- breast implants 3- external breast prosthesis.

Is it OK to have asymmetrical boobs | Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern

Breast asymmetry is totally natural and occurs in majority of girls

In fact, the two sides of the body can be slightly different all the time,

majority of women have some degree of asymmetry in their breasts. one boob big and one boob small most of the time occurs.

When the asymmetry is severe, then you should consult to your doctor.

If it is normal then don’t worry it will happen with most of the girls.

Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern

Does Uneven Breasts indicates Breast Cancer | Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern

most of the time asymmetrical boobs is not a cause for worry.

A doctor should be consulted if you notice any unexpected changes in your breast.


  • breast skin is red, scratchy
  • skin of breast becomes dimpled or puckered
  • a lump in the breast or in the near area around it
  • big difference in a breast’s size or shape
  • alterations to the nipple
  • tissue near the breast
  • nipple becomes hard
  • a nipple discharge occurs all the time

Causes of Asymmetrical boobs | Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern

  • during pregnancy or breast-feeding
  • menopause time
  • hormonal contraceptive like birth control pills
  • some times during the menstrual cycle

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Treatment for Asymmetry boobs | Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern

Treatment for Asymmetry boobs does not need any medical treatment. because it’s natural and beauty. but if you want to get same size of boobs then you have to go for these three ways-

  • External breast prosthesis
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast implant

Can Asymmetry boobs be fixed naturally | Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern

Breast massage

massage is best natural way to fix uneven boobs. if you massage the smaller breast more than the bigger one it may reduce the difference.


Exercise is also helpful. You can do upper body and chest exercises with or without dumbbells.

hot and cold water
this is best way to fix you boobs. pour slightly warm water over your smaller boob for one minute and then follow it by cold water for 30 seconds. do it again and again 4 times in a day to get fast result.

Should I worry about asymmetry in my breast | Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern

There is no need to worry about asymmetry of boobs. as is said earlier that it’s very common. It’s normal for even fully developed breasts of women more than 21 years.

most of the time you found a girl with one big and one small boobs. its Genetic also. it means if your mother or grandmother had uneven breasts, you also get similar type of boobs. so don’t worry and be relax enjoy it. it’s not uncommon. its not only with you. its with lot of girls and women’s.

What is considered severe boobs asymmetry | Uneven Breasts A Cause For Concern

friends 15 to 20 percent difference in boobs size is common. But if you notice that your boobs asymmetry is more than 30 percent then it’s time to be worry and consult your doctor as soon as possible. it means if your breast size is 24 but now its going more than 34 then go and talk to your doctor.

Boobs skin is also a indication for considered severe. if its red or brown consult your doctor.

boobs hardness also indication of something may be wrong with your breast so go and meet your doctor

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