Social Security is the best and secure government plan for senior citizens of America. But it is also true that the future of this plan is uncertain. People always ask, What Social Security Will Look Like in 2035...Here is the answer

First mega change will be population. By 2035, the number of Americans at age 65 and older will be more than 78 million. It means there will be more people in row to get this benefits

There will be cut in social security benefits for 2035. Though it's not official but experts indicates that benefits will cut by 22% in 2035

 Social Security's Budget will be  run out in 2034-35. But government is planning for to fill this gap through-  -Raising the payroll tax rate -Increasing the wages -Raising the full retirement age -Reducing the annual cost-of--living adjustments -Cutting benefits

Social security COLA will not get so much jump in 2035 as it is going to be high in 2023 with 8.7%, 41 years maximum jump

Maximum and minimum social security benefits will change veryt much in 2035 based on current years inflation

Social security COLA will also increase in 2035 base on that years inflation