Warrior's player Jordan Poole gets a four-year $140 million contract with team. Now People want's to know that will Draymond green also be the part of contract this year or not. Here is What Poole's extension mean for Draymond?

After fight with Jordan Poole at practice match, Draymond green is on leave from team. Yet it is not clear when he will back

Some people are saying that now these two can no longer coexist in a team

Warriors best player Kevon Looney has been already said that Green lost the team's trust and never get

But team is still not getting any green signal from Green, either he will in or not

There is also rumors that Green want to leave his team and move to the LA Lakers

Some people are saying that fight with Poole is the main cause behind this decision 

If Draymond Green decides to exit, and Warriors don't offer him extension, the team will lose a great player