65 has been considered the good retirement age in the US. So at 65 people start thinking about Social Security Benefit. Many people ask What Is the Average Benefit at 65? Here is all detail

If you retire at 65 doesn’t mean you have to start collecting Social Security benefits at same age. You should wait upto 70, the longer you wait, higher you get

those who are collecting Social Security at age 65, average payment in is about $2,484 a month in 2022 

It means that the average annual benefit is $29,806 for recipients who are age 65.

The average yearly benefit for 65-year-olds in 2023 is expected to rise to $30,708 a month.

Average benefits for 65-year-olds also depends on the rise for dollars. 

Here is how it change 2020: $15,313 2021: $15,269 2022: $15,230 2023: $15,189 2024: $15,142

Although you can take your benefits at 65 but experts advise to wait for 70 and then get higher benefit