financial advisor always have advice that Start saving for retirement in early age but some experts says if you are below 35 no need to save. here is why

lower-income workers will have comparable Social Security replacement income, when they retire, so they don’t need to save.

These experts believe that  young people put their savings into buying a home instead of saving for retirement.

YouGov survey in 2022 indicates 57% of workers were not given raises due to inflation this year. so they have to think about present not future

These experts says US people should begin saving at age 35. 

These experts idea is for them to borrow against future earnings and pay down the mortgage over time when wages increase. 

These experts says that before age 35 you should enjoy your life not to take burden if your salary is also less.

with current inflation-era interest rates which have flatlined for savings, so never go for it before age 35