getting divorced is most painful part of any one's life. It's not only break you emotionally but financially too. here is 8 Ugly Financial Truths About Getting Divorced

Longer Divorces Tend To Cost More if you both want divorce then it's best to take decision quickly, this will save a lot of money in attorney fees.

Retirement Benefits Will Be Split Even if your retirement accounts are in your name, half of the money will go to your ex if divorce happen.

Keeping Your Home Can Be Tricky If divorce happen Keeping Your Home is also be more complicated than you think. you should soon contact to a divorce lawyer to keep this

Tax Consequences Differ for Retained Assets family home is one asset that can have large tax consequences.

Need Life Insurance on Your Ex Life Insurance of your ex is also important for you. For the party receiving spousal support, it is important to obtain life insurance on the payee.

Assets Might Not Stay That Way you should agree to take $250,000 of equity in the house, while your spouse gets $250,000 of the retirement fund. always remember dollars today will not be equal in 10 or 20 years.

Some Assets may Hidden it’s not uncommon for assets to be hidden in unexpected places. Those wanting the divorce may have been planning for a long time and placed joint money in areas the other spouse may never see.