There is a biggest statement from TikTok's patrental company  ByteDance about USA. This statement comes after Forbes report about this app to monitor the locations of certain Americans.

Forbes reported that ByteDance, TikTok's parent Company, planned to use the app to monitor the locations of certain Americans.

TikTok denied that it has ever been used to target specific individuals in America

 ByteDance said, "any use of internal audit resources as alleged by Forbes would be grounds for immediate dismissal of company personnel,"

 ByteDance also said, "TikTok does not collect precise GPS location information from US users''

TikTok has been always found in debates about privacy and security in the US. 

There was much debate about it's privacy and security for US in Trump administration an now in Biden's government too

Now it will be interesting to see what Biden administration took decision on TikTok