A teenage Georgia high school football star was fatally shot in a restaurant parking area when he was on date with his girlfriend. 

Her girlfriend, Bailey Reidling said, "I run over to Elijah, and he's on the ground, he mouths to me — the last word he said to me was 'help,'" 

DeWitt and Reidling started dating five years ago

On Oct. 5, they were on date on Dave & Busters at the Sugarloaf Mills Mall in Lawrenceville

When they were ready to order food, Reidling went to the bathroom first and when she came out, her boyfriend was missing

When she stepped outside, she saw DeWitt lying on ground and there was only red blood all around

"I checked his pulse, Some sweet lady came around the corner, said they called 911. They're already on their way.'"

Police arrived shortly and found DeWitt is no more.  two suspects — Kemare Bryan, 18, of and Chandler Richardson, 19 were arrested and charged