Social Security Administration has announced changes for 2023. With Maximum COLA for 8.7% , there is a also good increase in Work Credit Amount. Here is all about

Social security administration uses work credits to find out whether you have worked long enough to qualify for this benefits or not

So, If you stop working before earning enough credits to qualify for social security benefits, the credits you earned remain on your record for all time

Always remember that Credits are based on your income during your job career. you will earn up to four credits per year if you work and pay for social security.

you have to earn $6,560 to get the maximum of four credits i8n 2023

It doesn't matter how much your earnings in a year, you never earn more than four credits in a year. 

Always remember that To qualify for Social Security benefits, 40 credits are must 

So the value of one work credit will rise from $1,510 to $1,640 in 2023