Social Security Administration is ready with payment of November 2022. Here is all about when and how much money you will get

If your birthday is between 1st and 10th of month, you will get your money on second Wednesday i.e. 9th Nov.

If your birthday falls on 11th to 20th of this month, you will get your checks on third Wednesday of this month, i.e. 16 Nov 2022

If your birthday is between 21st and 31st of the month, you get your payment on fourth Wednesday of this month (23 Nov 2022)

You should know that in 2023 you are going to get maximum jump in social security as COLA for 2023 will get 8.7% hike

Social security administration will send you a letter in the mail in December about your Social Security benefits increase for 2023, based on 8.7% hike

To get this increase benefits you have to apply before Nov 15

The 8.7% hike for 2023 is the maximum jump in 41 years