If you are looking for a new place to live what else be better than countries itself giving you cash and land to move there and join their community. Here are the 7 best options who offering Land or Money To Move There.

Maenza, Italy Maenza, Italy is trying to boost their populations by selling abandoned homes just for for $1. All world is attracts for this $1 craze

Pipestone, Canada Manitoba, Canada is selling plots of land for just $10. buyers have to pay a $1,000 deposit. they get a refund of $990 after home construction

Vermont Vermont is offering New Relocating Worker Grant is for new residents

Tulsa, Oklahoma Tulsa will give you $10,000 if you purchase a home there

West Virginia offers $20,000 for those who relocate here

Mankato, Kansas Only 900 people live here. To increase population government is giving free land 

The Scottish Islands Scottish authorities give $65,000to 100 households who want to move there through 2026.