The next US COVID wave is coming very soon. this time it will be much much weirder than before. Here is all about this next US COVID wave

The US may be entering in the next phase of the pandemic. Americans are still dying of COVID 19 each day, nearly 400 and indication for next wave is dangerous

scientists are saying that now there is a bunch of worrisome Omicron descendants arising in different corners of the globe and it is going to affect us most

experts are most concerned about two Omicron in USA, BQ.1.1 and XBB. main reason behind this is they’re “escape” variants. 

most of the antibody therapy (bamlanivimab and Evoshield) don't work against XBB and B.Q.1.1 and that's why they are dangerous.

Once these new variants take off, people will be at high risk more than before 

the more the virus circulates, the more chances it has to affect those who could get seriously ill 

next wave is building very fast and it may enter anytime in US as In the United Kingdom, BQ.1.1 infections are doubling every week,