Klay Thompson is very much broken by Charles Barkley remark about him. He said that  Barkley’s criticism ‘hurt my heart’. Here is all about what Charles said and now how Klay Thompson reacted 

Charles Barkley said earlier, ''his play was slipping and he is not the same guy since his ACL and Achilles injuries.''

But now Thompson is sad about this remark and did not appreciate Charles Barkley's comments.

The Warriors star said, “It hurts when someone like Charles Barkley, with the platform he has, says you’re not the same player as prior to the injuries you had. It’s like, ‘no duh, man’,” 

He also said,  “I tore my ACL and my Achilles in consecutive years and still helped a team win a championship. I mean, that hurt hearing that.”

Thompson was injured in 2019 NBA Finals and return on court after 941 days.

With broken heart he said, “I played 55, 57 games in three years...and now to hear someone say, ‘Oh, he’s not the same as he was prior to the injuries, it just hurt my heart hearing that. But, you know what? I’m gonna internalize it and it’s gonna be fuel for me...”