Kylie Jenner makes more than 1M dollars per day which is 20 times more than what the average American makes in a year because 365M followers on insta

When she was just 21, Kylie was termed the youngest billionaire by Forbes magazine in March 2019.

Her brand Kylie Cosmetics amassed a $900mn value while her other earnings helped her cross the $1bn mark.

her daughter Stormi is her life. she can do anyything for her

she has two children with her longterm boyfriend Travis Scott 

Kylie Jenner's net worth of over $1 billion has earned her the official title, "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire" by Forbes. At just 21-years-old

lady gaga is role model of Kylie Jenner 

kylie jenner is half sister of kim kardashian as Both share the same lady i.e mother Kris Jenner

know one know kylie jenner is officially married or not