Social Security is very important and safe plan for American retirees. But sometimes many people lose their benefits. Here is all the reasons  You Can Lose Your Social Security Benefits

If you claim early then you will lose your social security benefits. In next slide see the examples 

Your full retirement age is 67, So if you claim just before one month i.e. ate age of 66 years and 11 months, you will get only 99.4% of payment. 

If you claim your benefits at 65, you get just just 86.7% of your amount

If you claim at only age 62, you will lose more and get only 70% of your full payment

 if you claim and also earn so much money then at your full retirement age later in the year, you get up to $51,960.

If you earn more than $25,000 as a single then up to 85% of your Social Security benefits are not part of tax