The coronavirus pandemic gave the indication how something unexpected can have devastating effects on the economy of nation and individual. Here is detail about How Much Cash you Need If this type of National Emergency Happens

Why You Need a Emergency Fund Most of the time Emergencies are out of your control. In this situation Banks and ATMs may not be up and running for days. so you always want to be prepared by having some emergency cash on hand

 How Much To Save It's depend on How much will you need for an extreme catastrophic even. It's good to have a small amount of physical cash at home

Aim To Save $2,000 If you family is of three i.e. husband, wife and a child then you have to save $2,000 as hard cash. this will differ for each person and family.

 there's no magic amount No one can say that how much will be safer for you in emergency situation. So you have to save as much as you can.

The Cost of Covering Necessities You have to think about your daily Necessities and then calculate according to this before saving.

Emergency Kit Needed Batteries and tools First aid supply kit Nonperishable food Medication Spare clothing

How To Start an Emergency Fund First you have to go for creating a budget. Even if you've lost your job, list out any possible income you could have to save for future