A Nebraska woman has been charged with helping her teenage daughter end her pregnancy at about 24 weeks, after police obtain their Facebook DMs. 

Facebook parent Meta provided Nebraska police with messages between a teenager accused of having an illegal abortion and her mother. 

 41-year-old Jessica Burgess is facing criminal charges for allegedly helping her daughter, who was 17 years old at the time, abort, burn and bury her fetus.

The teenager told a Norfolk Police detective that she miscarried and gave birth to a stillborn. after that detective contacted to facebook for data of chat between girl and her mom.

Police then got facebook messages between the mother and daughter allegedly detailing how Jessica Burgess had obtained abortion pills for her daughter

When the detective interviewed the teenager about the timing of the miscarriage, the teen scrolled through messages on her Facebook Messenger and its give the clue to detective to get all data from facebook. 

The Facebook messages suggested that Jessica Burgess had given her daughter instructions about how to take abortion pills after obtaining them