Elon Musk once again gave statement over Warren Buffett. This time he made a clear distinction between himself and Buffett on an earnings call. Here is why he said, ‘I’m not Warren Buffett:’

Musk said, I designs and develops products, whereas Buffett invests and allocates capital.'

Musk was responding to an analyst's question and it was, whether he would incorporate all his ventures —from SpaceX to (soon) Twitter—under a parent corporation? 

In reply Elon Musk said, "I'm not Warren Buffett," "I'm not an investor. I am an engineer and manufacturing person and a technologist.''

he further said- "I actually work and design and develop products, We're not going have a portfolio of investments or whatever."

This statement shows that Musk thinks he is complete different type of entrepreneur than Buffett. 

Musk always target Buffett, last year he said,  "I'm not Warren Buffett's biggest fan, frankly, He sits there and reads all these annual reports, which are super boring."

But Buffett always described Musk as a "remarkable guy",