Niki Taylor Niki Taylor had a life-threatening accident in 2001 and then she became a born-again Christian.

Sheila E. Musician Sheila E. born- again Christians when she was 18 years old. her friend advised to give her heart to Christ

Jane Fonda Jane Fonda describes In her book ‘My Life So Far,’ that how she find God in 1998 after that she overcome from eating addiction.

George W. Bush George W. Bush born again Christians After several years of drinking and partying over night. 

Russell Wilson husband of singer Ciara, Russell Wilson get his faith in god after so many years and now he is pure heart man

Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen becomes born again Christian in 1997. one year after he  was hospitalized and found his god on hospital bed

Alice Cooper Alice Cooper had addiction to drugs in college days but his father gave him right path and he became a born-again Christian.