American basketball superstar Brittney Griner's appeal has been rejected by Russian court. It means now she have to spend full 9 years in jail. Here is Brittney Griner's new Decision over which Sports World Heartbroken. 

Griner was offered a basketball, for to play on the prison's hoop.

But she rejected this offer and said it is too tough to play right now

Basketball world and Her fans are heartbroken by this decision because the know that she loves Basketball more than her life 

One of her biggest fan wrote on social media, "Yeah, her love of the game’s probably gotten killed over all this. What with her being jailed after playing for a Russian team b/c WNBA pay is still that players need to play overseas to get more money. Its just damn sad…,"

Another fan wrote, "This is heartbreaking, but I get it. BB was something that brought joy, but was also the reason she was in Russia at all, trying to make a living during the WNBA off season. Pls find a way to bring her home,"

Another fan wrote, ""My heart hurt reading this," 

 Brittney Griner was detained in Russia in August 2022. She was arrested at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. Charged with illegal possession of cannabis and then found guilty and given 9 year sentence by court