Tennessee is a country which is well known for music, beautiful rolling hills, good Whether and piping hot fried chicken. If you are looking for best Affordable Cities in Tennessee, Here is top 8 options for you

Paris IT'S not France but Paris of Tennessee. best choice for you. Very affordable city with Household Income $30,902 and Average Property Tax $606

Knoxville Best option with Average Property Tax  $913 and Household Income is just $40,341. Here is Tennessee River, history museums, a zoo, botanical gardens, and University of Tennessee.

Millington Best airport in US, good colleges, cultured people, good option to live. Household Income is $52,500 while Average Property Tax is $1,832

Union City Again best option with Household Income $25,580 and Average Property Tax is $696. city of attraction is Discovery Park of America

Lewisburg A live city with full much enjoy. Average Property Tax is just $755 and Median Household Income is $34,086

 Lawrenceburg over 10,000 residents Lawrenceburg is also good option. Average Property Tax of this city is $721 and  Median Household Income is $34,086

Memphis Best Affordable City in Tennessee with Household Income just $41,228 and Average Property Tax- $1,446