Retirement is the age where every coin is matters. So when there will Tax on their income it will makes them unhappy. Here is 6 Types of Retirement Income That are totally free of tax

Roth Withdrawals If you want avoid taxes on your retirement income use a Roth account. But you should start a Roth earlier in your career for to get more benefit.

Inheritances inheritance is also a good supplement for retirement savings. inheritance is totally tax-free. Even if there is estate tax

Municipal Bond Income These bonds are issued by states, cities and various localities. and these are tax free

HSA Withdrawals A health savings account (HSA) is also a great income which is tax free.

Social Security Payments Some times Social Security retirement benefits also tax free. But if you earn  over a certain amount you have to pay tax

Life Insurance Many American seniors will receive some type of life insurance payout in their old age and it is totally tax free.

The important thing is that you should start thinking about you retirement plan in early age so that you can save more