Hustle is the latest blockbuster movie from famed funnyman Adam Sandler which focuses on basketball

The movie stars Adam Sandler, who is a struggling NBA scout trying to get Hernangomez’s character a spot in the NBA

During a trip to Spain, Sandler saw Hernangomez – while wearing boots and khaki shorts – completely destroying everyone in sight in a game of street basketball.

If you’re on the fence about tuning in to see whether Adam Sandler’s latest work is worth a watch, go ahead and fire up Netflix.

Hustle was well-done,  it lands in the top-five or top-10 of best basketball movies of all time

Hustle has a nice mix of humor and reality while pulling on your emotional heartstrings.

Fans of Adam Sandler will certainly enjoy the flick too. It’s a gem. Hustle movie rating: 8/10