In times of economic crisis, every dollar counts. No matter how much  pandemic has affected, it’s always a good idea to get extra money. 

Rent Out Possessions it’s now easy to rent out everything from your car to your garage to your parking space. $500 per month is easy to make.

Share Your Experience via Consulting If you have specialized knowledge that can translate into dollars. you can earn $40 per hour on average

Ask For a Raise Never undervalue your contributions at wor. If you’ve been working somewhere for a year without a raise, Ask For a Raise. if your work is good they may raise $500 or more a month

Work Overtime Your employer might be willing to give you more money, but for this perhaps you have to work overtime.

Drive a Ride-Share you have a car and a clean driving record, you can fill in the time gaps in your schedule with becoming a driver for hire. 

Put Your Artistic Side To Work If you have artistic skills, you can turn those into monetary value and enjoy yourself at the same time. 

Editing video This is the time of social media. Editing papers or videos at home is another way you can earn extra money in your free time.

Write Resumes or Professional Profiles resume writing is a way for you to cash in. Resume writers can earn upwards of $27 per hour, professional LinkedIn profile creators can make $1,000 per month or more.